About Us
The harness shop started out in July 1996, when Terry and I, Theresa purchased an
existing harness shop and moved it to our farm in Holland, Manitoba.  Under the name
Adams Harness for two years we learnt the trade of manufacturing and repairing leather
and nylon harness and tack.

In 1998 we changed our name to TnT Harness and Tack to show the change of ownership
and quality our customer’s were beginning to expect.

We now manufacture a wide range of goods for animals; including Harness, tack, halters,
and leads. In many sizes, from draft to miniature, out of leather, web, biothane, and
granite for everyday use to the show ring.  TnT also carriers a large selection of collars,
blankets, bits, cactus ropes, grooming supplies and hardware.  As always we repair!
Our Shop!